L.E.A.D. Equate Teaching School Alliance

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Who We Are...

L.E.A.D. Equate Teaching School Alliance is a partnership of schools working to inspire, motivate and empower every child and professional to embrace lifelong learning.

Vision and Values

Our vision is for all members to contribute to and benefit from exceptional levels of continuous professional development, high impact peer support and evidence informed practice. L.E.A.D. Equate Teaching School Alliance serves a reach across the East Midlands, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire. L.E.A.D. Equate Teaching Schools Alliance has numerous strategic partners in a number of key collaborations, working together to build a network of settings across all phases and specialisms. All aspects are delivered with the aim of creating a self-improving school system and one ultimate goal of impacting upon outcomes for all pupils within the alliance and beyond.

What we do

Teaching School Impact 2019/20

At L.E.A.D. Equate we are always striving to make a difference to both professionals and pupils. Please take time to see our in 2019/20