Curriculum Vision

Nothing has been taught until it has been learnt.

John Wooden

At Witham St Hughs Academy we strive to provide the best education possible and to ensure happiness and achievement for all. We work in partnership with parents, the Trust and the wider community to help our pupils become confident, responsible adults. We firmly believe that our curriculum defines the journey we want our pupils to take throughout their primary education and is rightly ambitious for all.

Our curriculum intent is clearly set out through a comprehensive series of subject frameworks, long and medium term planning and with an awareness of both the powerful knowledge and cultural capital we want our children to gain through teaching. We understand that children need powerful knowledge to live in an increasingly complex world, but that they do not live by knowledge but by beliefs and values. As such, our Character Education and Life Skills curriculums are absolutely central to our curriculum in order to send confident, kind and informed young people on to the next stage of their education. Our curriculum is clearly intended to enable pupils to acquire knowledge that takes them beyond their own experience.

Through constant professional development, our highly skilled staff team develop a reasoned and varied approach to the implementation of our curriculum. Learning is crafted thoughtfully to deliver both the highest expectations of all pupils alongside the understanding that different learners will require different approaches to maximise their potential. Teachers regularly check pupil understanding and adapt teaching accordingly to maximise progress.

The impact of our curriculum is one of confident learners leaving the Academy ready for the next stage of their education having achieved highly across the curriculum.

If you have any further questions about our curriculum, please contact us at [email protected]

Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced

John Keats