Enhanced Provision

Enhanced provision is Witham St Hughs Academy’s extra-curricular offer. This extensive programme of enrichment offers children the opportunity to develop skills beyond the school curriculum.

What kinds of opportunities will be available to my child?

We have carefully considered the breadth of provision on offer to cover the arts, sport, STEM, literacy and language, community and humanities. These clubs will run throughout the whole academic year allowing children to build in-depth skills in these areas. You may notice slightly more clubs on offer to KS2 than KS1, this is simply due to KS1 having 2 year groups and KS2 having 4 year groups – it is important to us that children have a good opportunity to gain a space in a club they wish to attend. All clubs will run after school from 15:30 – 16:30.

Who will be running these sessions?

A significant number of sessions will be run by external providers, who are experts in their field. A number of other sessions will be run by the school staff team, who will be giving their time to offer children this enhanced provision after school.

Why do children need to commit to a full term?

Numerous research studies highlight the academic and social benefits of sustained extra-curricular engagement. Just like clubs children may attend at weekends, the longer children commit to developing a new skill, the more successful they are likely to become. We have therefore decided that children should commit at least 1 ‘big’ term (Autumn, Spring or Summer) to developing a new skill, before reviewing if they wish to continue. Children already signed up to a club will always get the option to continue this into the next term, before additional places are offered out.

Enhanced Provision Offer 2023-24

This school offers an excellent range of after-school enrichment activities for my child – 100% agree or strongly agree.

Parent/Carer Survey – March 2023

There is currently an 81% uptake of enhanced provision across the Academy (Years 1-6). This evidences the importance of this offer and the value it provides to our school community. Parent feedback is incredibly positive, with 100% of parents and carers in our most recent parent survey agreeing or strongly agreeing that “This school offers an excellent range of after-school enrichment activities for my child”. Enhanced provision opportunities led by external professionals are heavily subsidised by the Academy to ensure the significant reduction of barriers for all. Full funding is available for pupils in receipt of the pupil premium grant. There is a strong uptake of enhanced provision by pupils in receipt if this grant.