Curriculum Offer

“This school has high expectations for my child.” – 100% of parents agree or strongly agree.

Parent/Carer Questionnaire – October 2023

Our Curriculum Offer – Essential, Enhanced and Exceptional

We firmly believe that the curriculum on offer to our pupils offers them an exceptional education. As such, we have captured many elements of our curriculum offer under the headings: ‘Essential’, ‘Enhanced’ and ‘Exceptional’. ‘Essential’ elements being those necessary to deliver the National Curriculum in a primary setting. ‘Enhanced’ elements are those aspects of our curriculum that are non-statutory but we believe are vital to the successful, enjoyable and memorable delivery of the National Curriculum. Finally our ‘Exceptional’ elements which we truly believe go above and beyond for our pupils and/or are worthy of sharing beyond our own setting.

These aspects have been analysed and grouped into 6 key areas: The arts, sport, STEM, literacy and language, community and humanities. These are the areas we firmly believe make our children well-rounded, versatile and engaged learners, ready for the next stage in their education.

Success is the result of your consistency invisibly compounding.

Steven Bartlett

At Witham St Hughs Academy, we believe that consistency over time is both profound and underrated, and that success is the result of consistency invisibly compounding. Our curriculum lives this belief with many aspects being ‘greater than the sum of its parts’. Two examples of this being our use of specialist subject teachers not just across one subject or one year group, but consistently across multiple subjects and multiple year groups – by the end of their time at our Academy, children will have benefited from consistent specialist teaching, across multiple subjects in many year groups. Both their offer and their outcomes in these areas are therefore exceptional. A second example is one of experiences, children benefit from residential opportunities that strategically and sequentially build throughout Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6. This means that their confidence and skills in this area are significantly stronger than with just one single Year 6 residential experience at the end of their primary school journey. At Witham St Hughs Academy we believe strongly in exceptional provision across all 6 of these areas. We do not focus all of our time, energy and attention in one single place, but instead on a broad, balanced and exceptional offer across the whole breadth of the curriculum.

“My child is taught well at this school” – 100% parents agree or strongly agree

Parent/Carer Questionnaire – October 2023

A ‘snapshot’ of our curriculum offer

Full details can be found in our Curriculum Policy.

Whole School Curriculum Overview 2023-24

Safeguarding across the Curriculum – EYFS & KS1

Safeguarding across the Curriculum – KS2