‘The aim of education should be to teach us how to think, rather than what to think.’  JAMES BEATTIE

Here at Witham St. Hughs Academy we offer an exciting and varied curriculum which strives to ensure all pupils reach their potential and become active, valuable and positive members of society. Underpinning this stimulating curriculum are two core components. The first is that we believe children should be equipped with high quality knowledge, skills and understanding across a range of subject areas. The second dimension of our curriculum prepares pupils so that they can make a valuable contribution as citizens in a 21st century Britain. Both aspects are of equal importance at Witham St. Hughs Academy.

The following diagram illustrates an overview of how the curriculum is constructed:

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The Approach

‘Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.’   JOHN KEATS

At Witham St. Hughs Academy, we ensure the curriculum is relevant and meaningful to the pupils, and that it is implemented by a high quality workforce. There are many opportunities for pupils to experience learning first-hand through educational visits, visitors to the academy, and academy experience days. These opportunities help ensure pupils are immersed in the areas they are learning about.


The New Curriculum Presentation

The New Curriculum in Y1/2

The New Curriculum in Y3/4

The New Curriculum in Y5/6