Reading at Witham St Hughs Academy

At Witham St Hughs Academy, we believe that reading is the key to unlocking exciting worlds and powerful knowledge for all. Reading is fundamental to our pupils becoming successful and independent learners and we are excited to be a part of their reading journey. Reading is the vehicle through which children access many other areas of the curriculum and subsequently can open the door to many other aspects in the wider world and therefore, we place great emphasis on ensuring daily, high quality, systematic, discrete phonics teaching is delivered consistently across our academy.  At Witham St Hughs Academy, we follow the Read Write Inc. programme to teach phonics and children start this programme when they start school in Reception.

Reading Books

Whilst your child is learning their initial sounds in Reception, they will bring home a wordless picture book in their book bag which will be changed each week. This will give them the opportunity to develop a range of important reading skills. Once your child can blend the sounds they know to read words, they will bring home a Read Write Inc. book bag book. Children should practise reading this book regularly so that they can read the book confidently, fluently and independently.

When children have completed the Read Write Inc. phonics programme, children will bring home a MyBookBlog book instead of a Read Write Inc. book bag book. A short assessment completed in school will ensure that these books are matched to their reading ability and age. Children will select a book from our MyBookBlog book library.  When children have read chapters of books they can go to the MyBookBlog website/app to complete activities. They can blog their thoughts and feelings, grow their vocabulary, explore book-related non-fiction elements and collect jokes as they read.

Love of Reading

Reading is necessary for learning, so instilling a love of reading at an early age is the key that unlocks the door to lifelong learning. Reading aloud presents books as sources of exciting experiences for children to remember. Instilling a love of reading early gives a child a head start on expanding their vocabulary and building independence and self-confidence. It helps children learn to make sense of the world and people around them, develop social and emotional skills as well as feed their imagination.

In addition to their Read Write Inc. book bag book, pupils will also select a ‘sharing’ book from a selection of age appropriate books to read with an adult at home. These books should be read by an adult and enjoyed together during ‘story time’ to develop a love of reading.

Please see the below links for further information on how to support your child with reading.–3/julia-donaldsons-top-tips/julia-donaldsons-top-tips-videos