Academy Advisory Body

The Governing Body consists of people from the academy’s community, such as parents, staff, local businesses and the Police. Governors are volunteers and most serve for four years. The current chair of the Witham St Hughs AAB is Gemma Grundy.

What do Governors Do?

Governors have a strategic overview of the school and are extremely supportive of staff and praise their dedicated efforts. Our positive partnership work ensures that decisions are made in line with our shared vision to provide the best quality education for our pupils.

Governors monitor and report upon what is happening in the school, by regularly visiting classes and holding professional dialogue meetings with individual teachers.


The Governing Body meets at least three times each academic year; ie. once per term. 

The Governing Body provides the Headteacher and Academy Staff with support and advice, drawing on their knowledge and experience. A summary of the current Governing Body Members for Witham St Hughs Academy can be found in the downloads section on the right hand side of this page, along with non-confidential documentation.

Click Here to view the L.E.A.D. Academy Trust’s terms of reference for further information on how the Local Governing Body operates.

L.E.A.D. Academy Trust’s Governance Structure

L.E.A.D Academy Trust Master Funding Agreement

Governing Body Members Witham St Hughs Academy 01.01.2018

Governor Structure Committees and Appointments October 2017

Equate Education Trust – Summary of Governing Body Members and Attendance 31st December 2017

Witham St Hughs Academy – Summary of Governing Body Members and Attendance 01.01.2018 – 31.08.2018

Witham St Hughs Academy – Summary of Governing Body Members and Attendance 2018 – 2019 Academic Year

Contact / Any questions?

If you:

•       Have any questions,

•       Want to raise any issues with the Governors,

•       Are unable to find the information you want or

•       You wish to apply to join the Governing Body

Please contact the Clerk to the Governors:

[email protected]

Clerk to the Governors C/O Witham St Hughs Academy, Muntjac Way, Witham St Hughs, Lincoln. LN6 9WF