Subject Leader: Miss Riddell

Curriculum Champions: Raffi, Tilly, Edie, Jydan, Annabelle & Mirren

What is it like to study Art at Witham St Hughs Academy?

Art at Witham St Hughs Academy inspires our pupils to express themselves and nurture their creative skills. Our art lessons allow pupils to explore famous artists, practise techniques and research a range of pieces of art; exposing them to different cultures and the wider world. The sequence of teaching ensures all pupils experience the joy of exploring art. We believe that art lessons should radiate enjoyment, mindfulness and individualism. Alongside a focus of famous artist, we draw upon current or future jobs involving art that our pupils may aspire to have a career in.

How is Art planned?

The curriculum at Witham St Hughs Academy is coherently planned and sequenced learning opportunities allows pupils to expand and build sufficient knowledge and skills. We use a sequenced sketchbook approach from Year 1 to Year 6 which encompasses practise and exploration time for all. This encourages the pupils to discover their creative understanding and express themselves whilst studying artists, art work and techniques. The inspired sequence of lessons offer the pupils a wide range of creative opportunities: to make detailed observations and drawings; study and compare famous artist’s work; use a range of drawing skills and techniques with a range of media and thorough planning of a final piece. We believe that our pupil should have the artistic license to plan their own final piece and our exceptional sketchbook style ensures that pupils build skills and experience towards their own piece. The journey they take is clear in sketchbooks: showing how they have arrived at their unique final pieces. The coverage of collage, print making and sculpture is revisited in each year group resulting in a competent level of control over the use of materials and tools which can be evidenced over time. 

Within each year group, the planning ensures that pupils are exposed to a wide range of inspiring artists. Each year group study a different artist relevant to the journey that they are taking (drawing, painting, collage, print making, textiles, sculpture) which guarantees the development of cultural capital. These artists have been well thought out with the consideration of historical famous artist, Monet and Da Vinci, protected characteristics and more modern artist from the current day.

How is Art taught at Witham St Hughs Academy?

Our sketchbook sequencing is pivotal for our artistic approach to teaching art at Witham St Hughs Academy. We believe that the sketchbooks allow pupils to explore art in a deeper, more holistic, way. Lessons are engaging and involve learning about artists, famous art work and all the elements of art. Art is a subject rich with culture and individuality, here at Witham St Hughs Academy, we aim to capture that within our lessons. Artists are studied, and techniques are thoroughly explored through all year groups.

What about experiences?

Our distinct approach to art allows pupils to really invest in their own learning and develop an understanding of their own next steps and targets. Opportunities to practise, explore and develop techniques encompasses our Witham value of ‘resilience’ where all pupils can go on an artistic journey in their sketchbooks. Larger pieces of art are encouraged to study, and are completed in all year groups to show the variation of art in the world around us. For example, Year 1 pupils have completed a giant ‘art attack’ style piece to explore their collage learning and how things can be layered to form different shades and colours for their beach artwork.

We provide a well-attended art club within our enhanced provision after school, where art is delivered every week throughout the year. Sharing a wide range of additional experiences for pupils in the Academy. Exploration of media and continuing to improve the art skills gained in lessons.

Where can I see Art around school?

Art is enjoyed and celebrate everywhere in our Academy! You can enter any room or corridor and you will be greeted with beautifully thought out pieces planned and created by the pupils. From a celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee, to the sketchbook learning in the corridor tracks. All classrooms display and celebrate the work that pupils complete in all subject areas. The walls are donned with vibrant and colourful artwork.

Work beyond Witham

Our art subject leader has worked alongside LEAD Teaching School Hub Lincolnshire and the Lincolnshire SCITT programme to deliver high quality art training to trainee teachers over the past two years. Feedback from this training has commented on the inspiring approach to art teaching and learning, as well as providing trainee teachers with examples of what pupils across each year of primary school can achieve in art.