At Witham St Hughs Academy, we passionately believe that education is a lifelong journey and that it is our role, alongside parents, carers and the wider community, to educate children for the long term and prepare them to have all of the skills necessary to become successful citizens and be able to contribute fully to society.

Our curriculum is ambitious and balances our pursuit of both academic excellence and personal growth and development.  Our belief is to ensure that all of our children are confident and happy within themselves and have clear beliefs, values and morals.   Embracing new opportunities and discovering new knowledge is paramount for our children and our curriculum experience provides these at every step of their journey.

At Witham St Hughs Academy everyday matters – children only have one chance at shaping their future.  Our aim is to motivate and inspire everyone to ensure high achievement and excellence. In the interests of all of our children, our highly talented staff team work tirelessly and show unwavering commitment to ensure this happens.

On visiting our Academy, you will immediately recognise that our children are happy, motivated and enthusiastic, with a real thirst for learning and mutual respect towards each other.  Everyone feels valued for who they are and our team ethos is infectious.

We pride ourselves on being a warm, welcoming school and look forward to working together to achieve excellence and high outcomes for all of our children. 

Mr Richard Stock


Education is a lifelong journey

James Stovall