At Witham St Hughs Academy, we recognise the importance of building strong partnership links between pupils, parents/carers, governors and staff. We believe that parents and carers are fundamental to the learning process and can truly influence their child’s future educational success.

Each term, parents are sent a Curriculum Newsletter which outlines their child’s learning across the whole curriculum for that term.  These newsletters are also uploaded to each Year Group page and can therefore be easily accessed.

Throughout the year, parents are also invited to curriculum meetings, where relevant curriculum content and updates are shared. Information regarding these meetings is also made available to parents on the appropriate Year Group page.

Home Learning

At Witham St. Hughs Academy we enable all pupils to engage in a range of home-learning activities to support and enhance the education which takes place within the academy day.

Children are provided with opportunities to develop their mathematical understanding, literacy skills (via reading, spelling and word work), and physical health and well-being alongside topic related areas of the curriculum.